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oooooo been waiting for this announcement


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As much hype as endgame <3


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I have no idea what this is alluding too but I'm hyped for SCP related events >-<


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So, is there going to be an Orion server on SCP: Secret Laboratory, or like an SCP server on Gmod?


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Bro I swear if it's on Gmod I'm gonna be happy

I luv roleplay


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I'll come out of my cave if this is an SCP-RP server. I eat this shit up. I know the ins and outs of all the shenanigans and would give many many to help.


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I'll come out of my cave if this is an SCP-RP server. I eat this shit up. I know the ins and outs of all the shenanigans and would give many many to help.
What fucking hole did you crawl out of


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Item #: SCP-6969

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The picture must be in a frame made of granite or steel. The frame must be kept in a secure containment cell at all times. Any object found inside SCP-6969's chamber will be extracted or even destroyed. Cameras must use a certain filter to view the picture. All D-class entering the cell will be blinded and rely on directions from staff. In the event of a breach of another Keter SCP, the picture must be destroyed or relocated depending on the situation. For example, a breach of SCP-106, the picture must be destroyed.

Description: SCP-6969 is a picture of two cartoon men dressed in costumes from the anime KonoSuba. It is printed on a piece of copy paper.

Though nothing may seem wrong with the picture, it may be displeasing to the eye or very difficult to comprehend. Upon sight of the picture, victims (SCP-6969-1) will notice that the two men in the picture are characters from the show Family Guy, first aired in 1999. Subjects may then feel dizziness, nausea, or maybe cringe. It seems that after SCP-6969-1 recieves the symptoms, they cannot be cured. SCP-500 has been tested to see if a cure is avaliable. Tests show that there is only one cure, which is the pill. See Addendum-2 for more information. Symptoms are still being researched. Studies have concluded that symptoms are completely random. We have seen people getting AIDS and others bleeding gold. It makes no sense. See Addendum - 1 for more information.

The picture seems to have a relation with all Keter SCPs in the facility, new or old. It will roll itself up and attempt to roll to a Keter containment cell. (SCP-6969 was once found in front of SCP-682's cell after a breach. It was wrapped around the Acid Control lever. No risks can be taken, which is why the object class is Keter.)

(Door to the cell opens, D-0101 walks in)
D-0101: Okay, ready.

Dr. [Redacted]: Good. First thing stare at the picture.

D-0101: Oh my - Ew what is that?!

Dr. [Redacted]: Describe it to me, and tell me how you feel.

D-0101: Its... terrifying. It makes me want to barf doctor...

Dr. [Redacted]: That's normal. What's the picture's message to you?

D-0101: (mumbles)

Dr. [Redacted]: Could you please repeat?

D-0101: (mumbles louder)

Dr. [Redacted]: Are you okay sir? Please repeat what you said.

D-0101: It wants me to [Redacted]

(D-0101 proceeds to barf rainbows and emojis. He then dies shortly after. )

(D-0102 is being taken into the Medical Bay to be tested on. D-0102 is shaking violently, and his eyes are bloodshot red. Multiple veins can be seen popping out of his head.)
Dr. Clef: Get the pills, hurry!
(Dr. [Redacted] grabs the pills on the table next to the bed. He hands it to Clef. Clef then proceeds to put the pill into D-0102's mouth.)
Dr. Clef: Are you okay? Speak to me!
D-0102: (in a raspy voice) What have... you done to me?
(D-0102's sweating stops in an instant, and his veins go away. His shaking briefly becomes more violent then abruptly stops. )
(Doctors and Scientists are escorted out of the room by MTF.)
[/SPOILER] aee79d43-5c0f-4896-a011-ad864c86a223.png
A sketch of the picture.
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