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Super Admin's and Roles

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Skull Kid
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Human Resources

The management staff for Orion this time will be structured and organized, to maximize a positive user experience. This way, management aren't overloaded by having their hands in several locations at once. All staff that are listed here are super admins, refer to this post when contacting staff regarding issues and information to ensure you are contacting the correct individual.

Owners - Fyre and Sicko. These two will have no part in staff management. Preferably don't contact regarding server issues. Contact the appropriate "department".

Developers - Finch and Crin. Contact these two regarding server development related things. Do not contact them directly if you're reporting bugs, use the forums.

Human Resources - Zuldus. This role will deal with staff conflicts, demotions, warnings and staff reports.

Staff Management - Zuldus, Striker. This role will deal with staff. From accepting new staff to banning staff. All aspects of staffing will run through these 2. Report staff via "report a player" on the forums.

Forum Management - Righty. This role will manage the forums, managing permissions, banning, etc on the forums.

Events Management - Mario. This role deals directly with making and planning events on the server. Preferably, if you have a suggestion, post it on the forums under "suggestions".

Albino - Albino. This role is self explanatory. No questions.

Bong - Bong. Bong will be a free floater when it comes to his position.

If you have any questions REGARDING THIS POST, send me a message.
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