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The Lord's Resignation

Greetings, I am ArchonCore if you have not met me yet.
This is a notice about my department from Orion Network.
I have had a great time on Orion but just like most things, it will come to an end. Unfortunately, I am that thing that has come to an end. I have got many experiences from Orion and I love it. I love being staff on the server and being able to help out with things. I am just very busy with life and the workflow that is coming in is immeasurable. I apologize in advance for any inconveniences I may have caused.

Shout out to the following;
@Fyre - Thank you for letting me have a position on Orion and allowing me to absorb all the knowledge and all this experience.
@Albino707 - thank you for always nuking everybody and being chill
@Bong - good luck with your picture stuff
@Cyan - Thank you for your hard work
@Tails - You were always there bro, thank you so much.
@Kawaii - You were a really funny and cool dude to hang around with when I had the chance.
@PISTOL PETER - stop screaming love you too
@coarl - really cool to hang around with and great personality.
@jlgcuntboy11 - love u
@G-Man so much to say about you, just know I love you too and go get them, girls.
@PillowBurger - I remember the day we applied damn near at the same time (love you)
@Allen Allen IV - stop stabbing people
@cheeki breeki - fish lips
@Naruto Uchiha - My god, I remember the first day you came on the server and today you're Mod.
@totoropixels - no comment
@Lube! - boyz update
@Wiwo - boyz update
@-DL- - keep the bases going brother
@Alexander_jewan - keep at it, don't give up
@Alucard - I can't keep it going, I apologize. HIRASAWA
@Bacon - you've been gnomed.
@Bobby Dong - shoutout to you for being there in the beginning
@Brazy - shoutout to you for being alive still
@bubba_bubba - good luck bro, carry on my tasks for me, and keep at it because you will excell
@Danteh your printer case is done
@Drowsy - boyz update
@Drippzz - shoutout
@Dumbass Idiot - get a fucking mic
@Finch - smh I made you those bases for a reason
@Misguided Penguin - love u
@Harry - thank you for the wiremod stuff
@JermaineLCole - being there in the start will never forget
@Furious George - get off the hulk cc pls
@Lord_DumbleDank - love u too
@Noah Longo - mr tommy i love you @Tommy Bahamas
@richy - ahahhahahahaha my turn
@SloppySoap - get er done
@SMXYderpturtle - idk if you will even read this but shoutout for being there in start
@spongeffect - damn dude get on disc w me or sum
@tblazzzer - selling me all the fucking bases for like 6 mill
@Tomo - ahahah
@yoyok12345 suspect down

rip boyz

ps good luck to all the applicants that apply for staff
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Thank you for being apart of Orion. I will miss you, and all of the memories that we had. Good luck in your life!
No! Everyone leaving . “Can I use advance dupe?” *Archon* “You have to donate” *Naruto* “Shit”.


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why you leave me brotha? I just started!! Can I have the channel?

Dear Archon,

I am grateful that I met you on this server. If I had not met you, I wouldn't be at the position I am at right now. You helped me a lot, and I am super thankful. From the time before you became staff and now, you've grown greatly. I still remember the day that you applied, and that other day I found out you got Mod. I had so much fun hanging out with you. I even looked up to you. Now that you're gone along with all the other boyz, I feel like I am alone. But I'm not. I'm still here with the rest of the community, and I am waiting here for you. I hope you do come back. You've been with this community for a very long time, but only a few days before I came lmao. You're and amazing person. You are the greatest player I've ever met here on Orion. You're super friendly, and you make the right decisions every single time. You're serious at some times, but funny during others.
I do hope I excel and do well in the future, and I hope that you will too. Remember, life always comes first. Don't stress yourself out dude.

I am really going to miss you.
I be sad now.

Thank you for all the help.
Love you man <3


PS Why are all the boyz leaving??!!??!! ಥ_ಥ
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Thanks for giving it your all Archon and even helping out on and off the server. Come back soon whenever you get the chance to hang out with the community again. :)


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T_T Time flew by way too fast. Ima miss you Archon may the Lord have a peaceful resting spot and may I meet you again in the future T_T