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Well here we are once again, this post is going to be a fairly large one and I am sure I will miss out on quite a bit when it comes to giving people the shout-outs they deserve.

With this message I will be taking a permanent departure from the Orion community and allow it to be passed down to the newer generation. When I first came to this server it was small, or small in comparison to what it was today. I came as a Roleplayer, purchased my CC within 3 hours of being on the server, and then took on the persona of the Happy Mask Salesman. As time continued on, I decided to apply for T-Mod while being in character, getting the position. Only a month later I had become admin, and then eventually the position I had up until this date. My time on Orion has been one that I have been honored to have, one that allowed me near full control to grow something which would benefit the users of the the server. Anywhere from my complete staff purges, to restructuring the staffs rules and ranks, to changing the servers rules itself are all things I am happy to see still stand to this day.

I have an incredible amount of thanks to many members of this community who have allowed me to enjoy it as much as I could. I will most likely be referencing mostly higher staff members and old community members. Once again if your name is not in here, be offended I don't care I am leaving after this post <3.

@sicko greed Plain and simple, you gave me creative control of the community and server. You placed trust in me, and I know that you would always welcome me back to this community with the highest authority possible for me to have. Though we had disagreed with one another in the past for several things, you were still able to see things from the otherside and come to solutions with me. Whether it was laziness of not wanting to put in the work yourself, or if it was because you really originally trusted me with the position, it doesn't matter. Thank you for the opportunity.

@Slam Van You have always been my trouble child I never truly disown on this server. You above almost all others have pressed headaches on me that are crazy. Though you are still a young adult I have a good amount of hope in. You have grown throughout the years and you are finally on the last path to truly find who you are going to be in the future. Keep busy and don't let yourself fall into anymore slumps, love you kid.

@All Old Higher Staff Sorry you all got demoted. Numbers, Banana, etc. You were all horrible staff who abused, and unlike slam I didn't have much patience for you.

@Network, Though I doubt you will ever come to read this. While you were active on this server we had good and bad times, we butted heads, argued, and disagreed. Though we were able to level with one another very commonly and held a mutual respect for one another that has only grown to this day. From my last conversation with you last month, I am glad your life has made the change it has. You were called to arms to help those you call close, and with that you have only impressed me.

@Cyan You have been around longer than I have, and you are actually still around to fix the mistakes that slam will make from time to time. You have done great things for this server and deserve more credit than you get for a great many things. I wish you luck on the Rust server, but make more room on the forums for the Rust server already -.-.

@Autopilot Goodluck at gamestop. Thanks for making the server, sorry for yelling at you that one time even though you completely deserved it.

Now to more active community members and current staff

@Fyre I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about the time we have spent together on this server, though I won't, don't need to embarrass you that much. Having you become manager on this server was probably the best decision that was made since my placement as the first "manager". You were wavering at first when you started, you had your own troubles while cementing you position on the server, but pushed through. I have watched you grow more than anyother on this server, and for being as young as you are I only have the upmost hope for your future. You still most definitely have a long way to go in some aspects, but as a manager for Orion, you are more than grown for the role. With my departure, you and the other higher-staff will be needed more than ever.
Though I know I have never truly done too much since you have been manager, I know the knowledge that I would always act as a final crutch for when you needed it was something that helped you stay stable. I don't believe you need that from me anymore, you are the one who made the current staff list that we have today, you are the one who updated how I even ran the staff in the past and you do it all differently than I did. I acted as a big bad man who would act with unneeded force, I never got close to my staff, and that was my weakness as a manager. You on the other hand beat me in all bounds there, where I have respect, you have friendships, where I place force, you place options, and where I created a foundation, you have created buildings that lay ontop.
I thank you more than most in coming to Orion Fyre, I truly do. I know that this server will act as a mechanism for your own personal growth and I am thankful that I was given the opportunity in being involved with that. Much love.

@Bong Budget Albino.... Joking of course. You pretty much are Fyre's new balancing mechanism, and really you always were the primary one at that. Though you are no-longer "co-manager" your place on the server should always be there. You never were power hungry, and many times even showed that you didn't want the responsibility, but when Fyre asked you to do it because he really needed help, you accepted. That is commendable in it's own right. Keep Fyre in line and make sure to act as his crutch from now on.

@Soshi Honestly Shoxie, I rarely ever spoke with you. xD. Like I said this is where much of my weakness came from while being on the server, I was just some ominous figure. You have now taken the position Bong was in, just act as a good example for other staff and just like Bong, keep Fyre in check.

@Frank Castle @Hottie Slayer You two.... I almost address you both the same now adays since you both do great in your positions. You both act as great teachers for the new oncoming staff and both have a friendliness that can be addictive. Keep up your hard work on the server. Also Hottie, I have deleted my ammunition you have given me... You are now free....

So my hands are getting tired now, so I am just going to be leaving on this for the staff. I wish you all the best. I have not done a staff purge in sometime and the reason is simple, none of you are bad enough to purge. The staff list that we have now is vast, it is one that I can look at a great deal of you and each of you attribute to one of the better staff teams that I have had in my entire time on Orion. It has nothing to do about the work you have done with sits, though keep taking them you lazy fucks, it's because you all are the new foundation for the growing community.
Remember that you are a team, and remember that the server is meant to be a fun place. That means take breaks when needed, don't burn yourselves out, and most importantly make the server fun for those on it. :)

Thank you Orion for allowing me to care for you for so long. It has been a pleasure and honor, one of which that has brought me so many great memories.

Much Love and Best Regards,

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I'll miss you Albino, even though my time with you was limited. Thank you for your giving this server your time and dedication. We will all miss you.

Also Hottie, I have deleted my ammunition you have given me... You are now free....
Kind of wanted you to post that one day...
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Asst. Manager
Even though we've hardly talked, you've always had my up most respect because of your wisdom. Honestly I absolutely love history, and the fact that you got your major in it makes me respect you even more. I'm glad you have helped this community through it's hellish time Albino. Everything would be absolutely fucked if you haven't shown up. The amount of influence you have over this community sometimes just fucking bewilders me at some points. And the way you deal with people, honestly it makes me want to take out a notepad, and start taking notes. Anyways man I hope that you find what you're looking for in life, and strive for the best.

Love you Albino.


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Staff member
Bye you'll be missed by all of Orion. <3
I remember my first memory of you was when you declined my first staff app for being 4 days under the required age. Good times. Good bye and good luck.


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Damn, I remember when you were "The Prophet" now u just Old man.


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Welp, it looks like Albino isn't gonna be here to fix shit anymore... Damn, that's on me. In all seriousness, It's sad to see you go, but I expected it. You've
been here for too long and have done way more than expected, it's phenomenal Something I truly cherish and look up to meet those standards. Words cannot describe the consistent work ethic you brought to the table. It's truly inspiring.

If I'm being quite honest, yesterday when Albino pulled me away and told about his resignation, I got a little bit sad, listen... Just a little. I've been working with you for years now, and to let something go with a snap of the fingers, it's hard. I've become emotionally attached to working with you.and following your principles. I'm going to miss you, Albino, I truly am.

If I'm being honest, I don't want to write more it was hard enough for me to push out this.


sicko greed

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Albino, you are by far the person I trust and respect most on the server. You made this server what it is today and what is always will be. The level of both wisdom and hilarious cruelty you brought here is unique and unparalleled and will be sorely missed. Feel free to drop in or contact us at any time, GOD knows we will still be contacting you.


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Head Admin
I'm gonna miss you Albino. It was great to know you and everything. Thank you for the awesome moments on Orion. Hope life treats you well man! :)

Slam Van

Fuckin' Weeb
I'm not really good at writing goodbyes but I'll try my best. You've helped me through a lot of shit regardless if you agreed with it or not. There are many things that I don't think I could've figured out or done on my own without your help. You're also one of the first people I told that I was gay and you helped strengthen my confidence and let me know that it's okay. You're one of the few people on this cluster fuck of a server that I can trust with anything and know whatever it is, it'll be kept with faith and good trust. Thank you for helping us through the years, and thank you for helping me with all the stuff I couldn't deal with on my own. I love you :p

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I truly want to thank you Albino, I guess safe to say that I actually see a lot of my self in you. Though I've always looked up to Fyre and Others before me to make sure I didn't fuck something up but I also always found my self peering into the unknown to me at the time (you) just to get that little extra knowledge, which would consistently cause myself to do better. And with this I began to see more of you that I never saw before, like how you've actually been to the very town I live in why snowboarding. Not only that I love your knowledge on history how I always thought I knew a specific thing only to find out you knew more of it and better. I've always enjoyed your personality aswell, many think of you as the "big scary admin" with how assertive you are in almost everything, I've seen you completely dismantle an argument in seconds just by using the mistakes someone left for you to use. Finally I want to thank you for teaching me these "life lessons" as for you already experiencing some of these and me just starting to begin my adult life you've inspired me a lot to rethink some decisions I thought were the best ideas and I made them better, so uh thanks for that.

But there comes a time when we must let go of something, you've given so much to not only me but everyone who has had the honor of getting to know you, thank you Albino707 I wish you the best of luck with your future <3

edit* I want to apologize for not being able to be here when you officially made the announcement even though I've known for a few days.


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Thank you for everything you've done for the server, Gonna miss you <3
good luck albino. when i first joined the community you weren't around much so we never got to know each other till recently. you fyre and even 8bit had given me the chance to prove i could be a good staff and while from time to time i did fuck i. i gave it my best shot and from being a staff member to just being a normal player when you where around you made the game fun and the harder times easier we who know you will miss you dearly and wish you the best also BEST NUNU LEADER EVER <3


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We will never forget you Albino we will always remember how much of a god you were :(