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Unexpected event

So if you have heard already, California is aflame, again. I will be inactive for a few days or more because where I live got mandatory evacuation :MonkaS: If I take too long off it is safe to assume that my entire house burnt down and I lost all my hardware. See you hopefully soon, and if you live in California try not to become BBQ.


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Yes, I know what you're talking about.

Our school was giving out those ear wrap masks.
We had to stay indoors all day today.


Hopefully, your stuff doesn't go up in flames like my hard drive.

Frank Castle

The Punisher
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Stay safe, and try to avoid breathing in too much smoke as best as possible.


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Breathing in ash gang.


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What is this!?!? I expect you to fight the fire and stay active... JK.

Stay safe.


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Stay safe from the flames man, and don't want you to get sickened by the smoke either.


Yeah they are super bad. I have friends down by the malibu fire. Made an epic sunset tonight out in the water and the moon was red. Stay safe... California is on fire.