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Update 2/6/19


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Digging straight into the point -


+ CSGO Style Unboxing with M4A4 Howl + AWP Dragon Lore (!UNBOX) (IT'S BEEN DISABLED FOR NOW... WAITING ON THE RESPONSE FROM THE DEV) The Dragon Lore has been added to the PMD for $1,500,000 until the cases have been fixed.

+ Uber Eats addon (LINK) Reviece food orders and deliver them for money.

+ Guitar (Purchase in F4)

+ Lean production - Craft and sell lean to an NPC or other players. (LINK)


- Playable Piano

- Pianist Job

- Disguise Briefcase

All the following bugs have been fixed:

- Props not disappearing after logging off

- Hitman not working

- Ragdolls (You can actually ragdoll when killed now)

- Kill feed


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Seems like the piano got vaulted.
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It is? Okay thanks.

I'll let Cyan know.
Ya, there's a weapon version, which says "/buy won't work" and the shipment version will drop, but you don't pick anything up.
so.... im just gonna say, guitar is broke, i offered a replacement for piano that has a guitar. (cough cough) should use that instead.