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Update! (3/11/19)


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Hey Orion!

We will be adding more addons/scripts onto the server within this week or next week. We've looked at many suggestions and have accepted a bunch. If you do have any more suggestions, please feel free to post them on the suggestions page and we'll look at them! One more thing, expect an economy reset to happen soon or very soon.

The update will be featuring 2 new jobs: Failed Archer and Monster Leader, a new and well-designed map. Read the rest of the update notes to see what else is in store, enjoy the update and let us know what you think!

Monster Leader
Can raid: No
Can mug: Yes
Can kidnap: Yes
Can base: Yes, but all monsters and the monster leader himself must live in the sewage area undergound. Non-monsters are allowed to be KOS if they're down there and if you see a monster down in the sewers, then you may KOS the monster living down there.
Printers/Bitminers: No
Weapon type: Melee
Meth: Yes
Weed: No
Same rules are applied like Monster, you're kosable during the day if you come out and may only advert murder on one person. Only advert murder every 2 minutes (this includes if the last one failed and you were killed)

Failed Archer
Raid: No
Mug: No
Kidnap: No
Base: Yes
Printers/Bitminers: Yes (they need a way to fuel their bad habits)
Weapon Type: Hunting Bow (Gives an arrow to the face or chest of your opponent)
Grow Weed: Yes

+ Reduced lockpick timing from 15 - 30 seconds to 10 - 15 seconds.

Take a look at this video to see the new map:

If you have any questions, please reply with them down here.


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I've been wanting this map for so long, thank you so much!

(Also thanks for the other stuff as well)


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Enjoy the new map!


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Nice map. I suggest to post these updates in the "Update" subforum or remove it cuz its just kinds sitting there unused since 2017.