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Orion DarkRP UPDATE.
~ We're going to test and change the meta of Orion. Please feel free to share your opinion ~

+ "DarkRP City Worker" *WATCH HERE* Access for everyone, a great way to farm cash.

+ Weapon Armory for PD *Preset weapons will not be available*

+ Bar/Pub Area - Bartender Job. Serve and make your own alcohol. A guide will be provided in-game.

+ Media Player "Link"

+ Motorcycle "LInk"

+ Leveling/XP addon. Will slowly gain XP to receive rewards. "Link"

+ DarkRP Economy System w. Mayoral Events & More. " Context Down Below "

+ Login Streaks - "Link"

+ Long awaited, but finally added a wrench to the mechanic job.

The new Mayoral script will allow the government to take a percentage from the public paychecks. The money will be located in a "Mayor Bank" which will be placed in the PD. "LINK HERE" To access the mayor menu press F7. Explore and have fun!

i redact my previous statement, the motorcycles control like greased butter slug on an ice rink in the middle of space


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I'm gonna piss myself this update is crazy
Alright boys, time to upgrade from a 10 hour session to a 15 hour session.
@Fyre Is there another way to access the mayor menu?
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