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Zero Two Ban Appeal

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Oh your not getting unbanned when albino bans someone it’s only for the best reason he might not name why but you should know what you did that is what albino expects.


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1: Thats not your SteamID
2: Albino has reasons for banning people
3: Even if there was not a valid reason to be banned for that long you had to of done something to get banned


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Oh hai.

I'm imagining this was last night or the night before with you getting banned. Thing about those bans that are 3 year and 1 hour means I did it via F-admin, which means I didn't misclick who I was wanting to ban. Also with that as well, if I was to ban somebody unjustly, as my bans tend to be quite public, somebody would instantly mention me doing a false ban on somebody else. As much as I spook people, I don't spook them enough to make them cave enough to allow me to be abusive.
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